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Reuniting Pets & Owners in Ireland

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One free lost or found pet listing broadcast to multiple social networking and third party websites means your ad will be seen by a large, caring and involved community of Irish animal lovers both in your local area and countrywide.

Whether you have lost or found a dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or other pet, exotic or otherwise, our mission remains simple. We aim to make reuniting lost pets with their owners in Ireland as quick and easy as possible. Learn about what happens when a pet ad is posted here.

It's Easy to Help These Pets

Even if you haven't lost or found a pet, you can still get involved. Just a few clicks from you can make a big difference to a pet's chances of being reunited.

  • Check if there are lost and found pets listed in your area and if so, you can visit their details page and print out a poster for them which you can then distribute locally.
  • Local or not, all the pets listed will benefit if you harness the power of social networking by sharing their details on your Facebook or Flickr accounts and/or by tweeting or buzzing them to your followers - we have made all this really easy so check it out.
  • Download our free screensaver so you and those around you can keep up with the latest lost and found pet listings even when you're taking a break from your computer.

Help Get the Word Out in the 'Real World'

Download our poster in handy Adobe® PDF format, print it out and ask your vet, local butcher, hairdresser or shop to add it to their noticeboard.

Interactive Map of Lost & Found Pet Listings in Ireland

Each red and green icon on the map above represents a lost or found pet listing, the red icons denoting 'Lost' pet ads and the green indicating 'Found' ones.

Clicking on the icons brings up information on that particular lost or found listing along with a link to the full listing page. You can filter the map for lost listings only or found listings only by using the links beneath the map.

Automatically Updated Lost and Found Pet Listings in Google Earth

If you prefer desktop maps and use Google Earth you can keep up to date with the latest lost and found pet listings by downloading any of the KML files below and moving them to the 'My Places' folder in Google Earth.
All Lost & Found Listings
Found Listings Only
Lost Listings Only

Further Information on Listings with Geolocation

For more information on our geotagged listings, please see this blog post.

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