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Lost and Found Listings Now On

I’m delighted to let you all know that the excellent Irish dog resource site, are now displaying our RSS feeds in the lost and found section of their forum.  This means that as we publish new listings here, they will be automatically shown on also, thus gaining them more exposure.

This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for when I coded up the RSS feeds and I am especially delighted that such a high profile and quality site has taken up the idea so quickly and enthusiastically.

RSS Feeds Now Filterable by Status, County and Pet Type

I guess this is also an appropriate time to announce that I have extended out the functionality of the RSS feeds so they can now be filtered by status, county and pet type.  For those interested in availing of them, all the feed URLs have the following general structure:

where status, county and pet-type can have the following values:
status – optional, lost or found (in lowercase)
county – optional, the name of the county you wish to display pets from (in lowercase)
pet-type – optional, dog or cat (in lowercase)

Example Usage

If you wish to display ALL lost and found pets posted here, you would use:
If you wish to display ALL ‘Lost’ listings posted here you would use:
If you wish to display lost and found listings from Dublin only, you would use:
If you wanted to display all ‘Found Pet’ listings only in Dublin then you would use:
And finally, if you wanted to display just found dog listings from Dublin, you would use:

I will have more to announce about the RSS feeds shortly so watch this space.

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