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Our Pet Listing Shortcodes Explained

What Are They?

You can think of the pet listing shortcode assigned when you post a lost or found pet listing on the site as the reference number for that free ad.  Each is a 6 character, alphanumeric code uniquely identifying your listing.  You should note that the case of the code is important; for example, the shortcode n83bji does not refer to the same listing as N83bji.

For Contacting Us

If you need to contact us regarding your listing you should always quote the shortcode associated with it which is available on your listing page and is also sent to you when your listing is originally approved.  This way we can be sure we are dealing with that particular listing.

For Sharing

Every listing has a standard URL or web address – or so you can use these to link to and share your listing from other sites.  The latter form of the URL can be particularly handy for use in situations where you don’t have many characters to spare, such as in SMS messages or in tweets.

New Site Feature

If you want to view a particular listing you can type or paste the corresponding shortcode into the shortcode field in our search section at the top left-hand-side of every site page and we will automatically take you straight to that listing – no need to click any buttons or press any further keys.

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