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In keeping with our strong belief that lost and found pet listings should not be treated as the property of any one site hosting them and to encourage the greatest distribution of listings possible, we have built this tool to easily enable any blog or site owner to easily display up-to-the-minute lost and found listings from their county or nationwide, posted to our site on any of their pages.

The tool below will help you build and get the code to display listings from Lost and Found Pets Ireland with the information you want to use on your website, blog or social networking profile page. It produceds a little JavaScript code which you can easily copy and paste into the HTML that consitutes your own pages at the location you wish to display the listings.

If you wish, you can then proceed to format your listings using CSS styles to match the look and feel of their site.

To get started, first you need to select the information you want to display.

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Choose Your Listings

Here you decide which listings you want to display. You can display all lost and found pet listings or your can filter the list by lost or found status and by county.

Choose Display Data

These options govern what information is displayed in your lost and found pet listings.
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