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Free Lost or Missing Pet Listing

Learn why you should post your lost pet here.

We will collect some information on you and your missing pet on the following 4 screens. You can maximise the chances of successfully finding your pet safely by following the simple guidelines below.

  • Please ensure you have checked that your pet has not already been registered as found before posting your pet's details.
  • Answer all questions as accurately as possible.
  • Do not divulge your pet's name or any more specific information than asked at this point. Your pet's finder may be able to use more specific details to verify your ownership so it is better that those are not in the public domain. Some unscrupulous individuals may try to use any extra information you post here to claim your pet.
  • To maximise the visibility of this pet, we recommend that you upload a good quality photo. If you opt to do so, please choose it carefully to maximise your privacy and the pet's safety.
  • You can get extra information about what we require in each field by hovering your mouse over that field.
  • If you have lost more than one pet, please consider posting seperate listings for each. This will greatly increase the exposure each pet gets and also the listings are designed specifically to work with one pet per listing in terms of the many forms they are presented in here and on our social networking site pages.
  • By posting, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted our Terms & Conditions.

Remember: All information you submit is held in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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